I am a

Undergraduate Student at UC Berkeley
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Major

I have knowledge/experience in:

Python, Ruby, Java, Javascript, C, C++, Node, Parse, Neo4j graph databases, GraphQL, Graphile.
Developing molecular probes for Medical Imaging Techniques
Running a marathon

I enjoy

Collecting Disneyland Trading Pins
Raising Succulents
HiFi Headphones - (AKG Q701, Etymotic HF5, VE Monks, Svara Reds)
Headphones - (Bose QC35 IIs)



Seeking internships for Summer 2019! :)


Software Engineering Intern at Stripe

Working on the Developer Productivity team. Focusing on large-scale code refactors, product infrastructure, developer tools, and maintaining scalability of Stripe’s code. Implementing Ruby enums in Stripe’s code as part of a long-term project to increase code quality via building a Ruby Typechecker (Sorbet). Rewriting ~2,000 existing modules to a new enum format.

Working on VSCode IDE integration with Sorbet, developing LSP extensions. Features include Jump-to-Definition, Autocomplete, showing type on hover, and suggesting method signature and documentation while typing.

Undergraduate Student Instructor for EE120 (Signals and Systems)

Responsible for leading weekly discussion section, office hours, grading homework and exams as well as creating new content material and administrative duties. Topics taught include Linear Time Invariant Systems, Fourier series/transforms, sampling/resampling, communications techniques, control systems, z-transforms, and filter designs.

VP of Operations at Berkeley CodeBase

Currently responsible for budget, club logistics and Berkeley ASUC relations.

Spring 2018: Working with Beam Financial to create an admin dashboard for their service. Primarily responsible for backend and the conversion of PostgresQL databases to GraphQL using Graphile. Technologies used: GraphQL, PostgraphQL/Graphile, PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito, React, NodeJS.

Fall 2017: Working with local Berkeley Skydeck startup Visumenu to creating a backend/UI for Berkeley's phone systems. Technologies used: MySQL, Google Cloud Platform, NodeJS, Flask, Facebook Chatbot.


Software Engineering Intern at Trimian

Developing graph based networking technology. Constructed admin dashboards, wrote cron jobs, updated Neo4j database, and implementing In App Purchases with Adobe Phonegap. Technologies used: Javascript, Node, Angular, Parse Server, Neo4j Graph database, Cypher Query Language

Research Intern at Stanford University Department of Radiology

Devised and conducted independent research project with self-assembling nanoparticles. Contributed to ongoing lab group research projects. Made multiple poster presentations both independently and with lab group. Helped organize a nanoparticle summer camp for visiting students.



EE123 Digital Signal Processing Final Project. The objective of the project was to send a highest possible quality photo through a 2.5KHz wide wireless channel (Baofeng Ham Radios) in 75 seconds. We implemented our own modems and compression algorithms on Raspberry Pis. Used custom AFSK2400 modems, JPEG compression, vector quantization. Sample Image and PSNR. Project Spec.

mp3-fft Webapp that takes in a mp3 song and recommends 100+ headphones based on price, form factor, and sound signature (bassy, neutral, mid, v-shaped). Uses the Fourier Transform and Welch's method on the mp3 to generate a spectral density estimation of the song, then classifies it and returns a list of headphones for the user.

Ethos. Winner of CalHacks 3.0, Social Good Award. Chrome extension for automatically displaying objectivity of news articles.


Surface Specific Rationally Self-Assembling Au-Fe Oxide Nanoparticles: A Potential Multi-Modal Imaging Agent Platform for Early Tumor Diagnosis. Poster
Photoacoustic Detection of Thyroid Carcinoma Using Targeted Gold Nanotripods. Poster


Dual-Modal NIR-II Fluorescence and Photoacoustic Imaging of Thyroid Carcinoma Using EGFR-targeted Donor-Acceptor Chromophore Based Nanoprobes.
Published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine with Kai Cheng, Zheng Cheng.

Synthesis, Characterization and Biomedical Applications of a Targeted Dual-Modal NIR-II Fluorescence and Photoacoustic Imaging Nanoprobe.
To be published in ACS Nano with Kai Cheng, Zhen Cheng. Under Peer Review.